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The St. David’s Welsh Society of Greater Kansas City began life in 1893 as a benevolent association of Welsh immigrants settling in the metropolitan area.  The Society assisted with their adjustment and settling into life in an American Midwestern city. Since that time it has become a place for those with Welsh heritage to honor and celebrate their roots in a land filled with history, wonder, faith, and beauty.         

Elaine James, 816-942-2446
Annual Dues date:  March
Membership Dues:
Individual, $10.00
Family, $15.00
Contributing, $25.00
Mail check payable to SDWS
606 Tam O’Shanter Dr.
Kansas City MO 64145

           Board Members:
President, Evan Ash
V.P, Programs, Carolyn Adkins
V.P., Membership, Bob Adkins
Secretary, Doug Wyatt
Treasurer, Larry Griffiths
At Large:  Bill Ames, Evan Ash,
Judith Brougham
Elaine James,  Ann McFerrin,
Katherine Spencer, Sue Walston

The board meets once a year in the spring to plan the meetings, with further communications via email.

The Irish Center is located in the lower
level of the west wing of Kansas City's
historic Union Station, 30 W. Pershing Road
Kansas City, MO 64108.

             Educational Events
Educational events have included an introduction to the 6th century life of St. David - patron saint of Wales, Madoc - the Welshman who discovered America 300 years before Columbus, and the tradition of Welsh poets who gave rise to the rich Welsh tradition of vocal music. 

When there is sufficient interest, Welsh language courses are organized for beginners. 

Although Wales shares a close political and social history with the rest of Great Britain, it has retained a distinct cultural identity. Wales is officially bilingual, the Welsh and English languages having equal status. The Welsh language is an important element of Welsh culture, and its use is supported by national policy. Over 580,000 Welsh speakers live in Wales, more than 20% of the population. From the late 19th century onwards, Wales acquired its popular image as the "land of song," attributable in part to the revival of the eisteddfod tradition

Daffodil - Welsh National Flower


                Quarterly Meetings
Members and their families gather at least four times each year for distinctive events to enjoy their heritage.   When possible, the Society takes part in special events such as a visiting Welsh Rugby team and the tour of the North American Welsh Choir. 

                 UPCOMING EVENTS:

Sunday June 21 2015 at 2:00 pm at Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral 13th and Broadway, KCMO will present Sounds of a Sacred Land -The Music of Paul Mealor presented by The St. David’s Welsh Society Of Greater Kansas City.  performed by The Te Deum Chamber Choir, Matthew Christopher Shepard, Director.

In April of 2011, the world’s attention was held by a romantic moment that touched all in a joyful and hopeful way – the royal wedding of Prince William and Lady Katherine Middleton. The grandeur and spirit of that event was punctuated by the musical score crafted by a young Welsh composer named Paul Mealor. His music continues to highlight the world and this special royal family in a classical, sacred and modern manner.

Click here for the flyer featuring the event. 

    Evan Ash presented a series of six seminars on Welsh History with a video from BBC.  Beginning with pre-history it carried over to current times.  The seminars were held on Saturday evening, May through October at Bob Evans' Restaurant, 91st and Metcalf, Overland Park, KS. 
     The Welsh Society rented a booth at The British Faire November 16th.  Lynn  and Evan Ash volunteered.  They focused on the music of Wales, past to present.
      In December, the film, "A Child's Christmas in Wales" was shown, Evan Ash, presenter.
     On Saturday, February First, Brad Furnish presented the Welsh film, "Proud Valley", starring Paul Robeson.

     In addition, entertaining and educational courses on Welsh life, past and present, such as the Brother Cadfael television series, The Constable Evans mysteries of Rhys Bowen, and the book of ancient Welsh tales, The Mabiogion, are offered.

      FILM: Saturday August 23, 4:00 PM “The Proud Valley”, presented by Brad Furnish, to be shown at The Irish Center, Union Station.  We are very grateful to the Center for letting us meet there.


Map of Wales



For more information about Society activities and other Welsh related topics, please call Evan Ash at  (913) 768-7006 email frevanash@gmail.com and Larry Griffiths at (913) 378-6547.



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